Opinion: Dori Gilels tested and proven fit for City Council

Our City faces many complex challenges and needs a City Council made up of seasoned, proven individuals who can tackle them. We need creative thinkers who are able to grasp the details and bring a depth of understanding and courage to problem-solving.

Dori Gilels is such a person and that is why I am supporting her in her bid to represent Ward 3.

Dori is a long-time resident and neighbor in Ward 3. She knows the area and has shown through her proven history of getting things done that she will represent us and work well with others to bring solutions to the problems and opportunities we face. 

She knows our community, too, and will be a good person to work on issues facing other neighborhoods, as well as the City at large.

I encourage my Ward 3 friends and neighbors to support Dori Gilels for City Council.