Opinion: Are Montana’s GOP legislators taking election advice from ‘My Pillow’ guy?

The “My Pillow guy” Mike Lindell headlined a “cyber security” conference allegedly attended by several Montana Republican lawmakers. (My Pillow photo)

I recently read an article in a Russian newspaper (not really) that detailed a challenge race between an American horse and a Russian horse. The headline read — “American horse finishes next to last in race against Russian horse.”

You figure out who won. How about this – “I’m not going to tell you anything but the truth, but there’s a whole lot of truth I am not going to tell you”.

The thinking above is how I choose to tee-up a discussion on a Republican proposed “study” on supposed 2020 voting irregularities. Lord knows that what our state really needs is the – MY PILLOW GUY influencing how Montana administers our future elections.

This is the apparent wisdom of state Reps. Tschida, Fielder, Phalen, Schlinger, Galloway and Senator Manzella, all of whom spent time earlier this year attending a “Cyber Security” conference in South Dakota, headlined by that renowned cyber security sleuth, Mike Lindell.

Now, this group joined by most of their brethren in the Republican dominated legislature, certainly all the extremists, are seriously promoting that Montana engage in some sort of election integrity audit of our 2020 election.

Montana’s former Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton, presided over our 2020 election (Corey is a Republican and not a RINO); Corey not only certified our states results, but publicly affirmed that Joe Biden was the fairly elected President. He also affirmed that in Montana, Trump defeated Biden; Gov. Gianforte defeated Mike Cooney; Austin Knutson’s won over Raph Graybill; Christi Jacobson prevailed over Bryce Bennet; Troy Downing beat Shane Morigeau; Elsie Arntzen was victorious over Melissa Romano; and Matt Rosendale defeated Kathleen Williams.

If Montana legislators were going to take a deep dive into 2020 voter/voting malfeasance or irregularities, you would think it would be our Democratic legislators who would be thinking something fraudulent occurred in our states 2020 elections?

Speaking of fraudulent, it would be interesting to know if any of these legislators who attended the Cyber shindig in South Dakota were paid for attending legislative committee meetings they actually missed here in their home state of Montana (while in or traveling to SD)? If so, that seems easier to attribute as fraudulent activity – I’m just sayin.

Regarding voting irregularities, it seems impossible, at least very improbable, that Jennifer Fielder, well known for wanting to sell off our public lands, could ever defeat Monica Tranel in a “fair” election for the Public Service Commission. While this wasn’t a statewide election, Fielder’s husband, Rep. Paul Fielder, has been getting schooled up on cyber security relative to election fraud in Montana.

AND while a husband cannot be compelled to testify against his wife, I think many of us are eager for these Republican legislators to look behind the “pillowcases” to learn what nefarious activities occurred that lead to the very funky 2020 election results.

Honestly – I’m only kidding when I suggest that any voter fraud occurred last year, Republicans won fair and square – END OF STORY!

Finally, primarily to deal with a guilty conscience, I want to come out of the closet and disclose something that I’m not proud of; I’ve already privately confessed this sin but with the caveat that I am likely to commit it again in the 2022 election. Please don’t judge me, but I voted by absentee ballot in the 2020 election.

I feel so much better now with this off my chest. Hopefully, our new batch of Montana cyber ninjas will be able to complete their “forensic” (new ninja word) study more quickly now that they know what I did and thus will have no need to review my ballot. After all, like them, I too am keenly interested in efficient, cost-effective government. 

In closing, even Steve Bannon is recommending that state legislatures put these silly election audit initiatives in the closet – there is important work to be done which won’t get done if time is wasted on stupid things like an election audit. After all, our legislature has only limited time to get active implementing other important, new laws/rules.

One I’m hearing that is being contemplated, is designed to SERIOUSLY tamp down on a women’s right to choose. You know, the “Your Body My Choice” movement that, Heaven forbid, is currently stalled in Montana’s courts. My concern is this – times-a-waistin.

Our legislators do need to get busy, or it might look like they are not really doing the people’s work.