Viewpoint: Missoula’s ‘Integrity Project’ wasting taxpayer money with claims of fraud

The Election of 2020 was a contentious one because after the dust settled and the results of the free and fair election were known, conspiracy theorists began to say the election was falsified and that it was rigged.

These arguments have since been called moot by election experts across the country and many lawsuits made against the election were struck down.

In a fit of rage, radicals like Brad Tschida used these conspiracy theories to capitalize on voter fears and, in January 2021, demanded that Missoula County recount the envelopes from that election.

This group moved forward with a fundamentally unsound method of verifying the election results in an attempt to waste taxpayer dollars and damage public confidence in our elections.

A year later, the Missoula County GOP went ahead with their own recount which recently concluded that the 2020 election results were indeed accurate and Tschida’s conspiracies were unfounded.

Brad Tschida and his phony Election Integrity Project have wasted the precious time and tax money of the Montanan voters. This stunt has certainly created a divide between Montana voters and the politicians that will take decades to rebuild.

It’s time to jumpstart that process, all officials involved in the January 2021 recount request should publicly apologize for wasting the time of elections officials and voters across Montana!