FWP moves moose, calf out of downtown Missoula to new home in Ninemile

A moose and calf were seen in the 200 block of East Pine Street. (Kent Luetzen/MTN News photo)

(KPAX) A moose and calf that decided to take a walk around downtown Missoula on Friday morning were moved out of the city by game wardens and later released into a less-congested neighborhood in the Ninemile Valley.

The Missoula Police Department sent out an alert Friday morning that the animals were seen in the area of the 200 block of East Pine Street. Then photographs and videos started appearing on social media, showing the moose munching on shrubs.

Authorities cautioned downtown workers and residents not to approach the animals and to give them a wide berth.

The moose and calf could be seen near homes and businesses in the area all morning long.

Then Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials arrived on the scene, and assessed the situation. FWP decided to tranquilize the animals so they could be moved to a safe location. Later in the day, they were released in the Ninemile Valley north of Missoula.

Earlier this week, a warning was issued after a moose and calf were seen in several areas, including Greenough Park in the Rattlesnake. They are believed to be the same pair that wandered into town on Friday.

The adult moose was tranquilized to aid in its removal from downtown. (Kent Luetzen/MTN News photo)