More succinct: UM renames College of Business, drops “administration”

Chris Shook, dean of the College of Business (right), chats with prospective students earlier this year. Shook said the change in the school’s name more accurately reflects its mission. (Missoula Current)

The University of Montana’s long-winded School of Business Administration was renamed Friday to the more succinct College of Business after approval from the state’s Board of Regents.

Chris Shook, dean of the of program, said the name more accurately reflects the college and its programs.

“Becoming a college is more reflective of who we are and our footprint on campus,” said Shook. “It indicates that a unit conducts scholarly activity as well as prepares students to be leaders. That’s definitely us.”

With six majors, a minor and three graduate degrees, the College of Business is responsible for educating a large portion of UM students. Business students make up approximately 14 percent of the university’s undergraduate population, according to the school.

“The school’s faculty and staff have an amazing track record of preparing students for successful careers as leaders,” UM President Sheila Stearns said. “The title ‘College of Business’ reflects its importance and impact.”

The College of Business held its first classes in 1918, when it trained clerical staff to “administer” business. As part of Friday’s move, administration will drop from the title.

Nearly a century after its founding, the school claims nearly 20,000 alumni who now represent the likes of Microsoft, Nike and Boeing, among others. Its entrepreneurial programs have also seen students go on to create successful startups.

Shook said the name change will benefit recruitment by elevating the school’s title to match its education and reputation.

“The College of Business is a place where students can go to get an education that lets them turn their passion into their job,” Shook said. “We provide real-world experiences and contacts that they can leverage after graduation.”