With the announcement of Governor Bullock’s order for an all mail-in ballot with the option to still vote safely in-person, Montana is having a big moment.

By increasing access to the ballot box, I hope more Montanans vote in our June 2 primary. Especially because we have the opportunity to put true conservation champions on Montana’s Land Board and even win a majority on the Land Board to protect and ensure access to our public lands for perpetuity.

Our Land Board is made up of Montana’s top five state elected officials: the Governor, the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, the Secretary of State and the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

This board manages our state trust lands, which makes who sits on the Land board important to our shared outdoor heritage for future generations. And each seat on the Land board currently has a competitive race.

So as you find solace in our public land before returning to shelter in place, please do the research, ask questions and support our public lands by electing conservation champions to Montana’s Land Board.