HAMILTON (KPAX) – There is a place right here in Montana where bananas, lemons, tangerines, and avocados grow — and that's just the beginning.

Summertime in Montana is one of the best times to be here and if you're looking for a vacation, why not stay local?

Whether you want to do a day trip or an extended stay, ABC Acres in Hamilton offers a very unique experience. Located at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains just south of Hamilton lies ABC Acres, an agrotourism farm and ranch.

It’s a place where tourists and locals alike can get away and experience a closer connection to the world around them.

“We have over 10,000 plantings of trees, we have deer and elk that come in here, migratory geese and osprey. We have set up educational Montana kiosks,” noted owner Tim Southwell. “And we are inviting people onto the farm to just experience a rich connection to nature.”

Now whether you plan on spending just a day roaming the beautiful grounds or plan on staying for several days in one of their guest houses, ABC Acres offers something for everyone.

One very unique item that they just brought on this year would be this greenhouse. Now I know what you're thinking, what’s so special about a greenhouse? Well, what if I told you that all the plants in this greenhouse are best found closer to the equator?

“In here is a zone 10 tropical greenhouse. The lowest temperature it usually gets is about 40, 45 degrees. So, we are able to grow full tropical plants. This here is the third rack of bananas just this year,” explained horticulturist Dalton Brown as he showed us around.

“This is our new mango tree along with star fruit. Avocado here and three more in this tree here. Here is a passion vine and Hawaiian tee plant. There is ginger and turmeric in all the beds too.”

So, load up the family and spend a day — or several — learning, playing, and experiencing the very best that Montana has to offer, a closer connection to nature.