Potential employees for the City of Missoula may now have a less stressful and frustrating experience when applying for a job with the city.

On Monday, the city began using new recruitment software called NeoGov, which they hope will streamline the hiring process and bring in the best candidates for the job.

“The last applicant tracking system, for lack of a better term, was archaic,” said Dalton Johnson, a human resource official with the city. “It was time for an update.”

The city employs more than 600 people and it believes the new software will make things easier for the applicant and the hiring team. According to the city’s recruitment specialist, Emmalee Plenger, the city had 12 new hires in April, 11 new hires in May and has brought on five new employees so far this month.

Potential employees no longer have to fill out an entirely new application every time they apply for a job with the city. With NeoGov, applicants only need to fill out one application if they wish to apply for multiple positions. The new software also offers customer service, which the city says is “above the bar” for anyone that may have trouble using it.

As for the city, they hope the new recruitment software will help them hire the best, most qualified candidates for the job. The city hires from all over the United States. It's now able to easily screen a potential employee’s skills and get their paperwork to a hiring manager more efficiently.

“The success of our city depends on our employees,” said Johnson. “The way we attract them, select them and then retain them really is so important to our success.”

The new system will allow hiring managers to quickly assess candidates that may be right for the job and set up an interview, streamlining the process.

“This is an exciting time for the City of Missoula as the Department of Human Resources moves to provide job applicants with an application model that is seamless, user-friendly and creates greater efficiencies across our government,” said chief human resource officer Angela Simonson.