Radius Gallery explores Aristotle’s object, manner and means

By Missoula Current

The title of Radius Gallery’s upcoming show comes from Aristotle’s writings about art. Specifically, it takes up the uniquely human compulsion to create images representing real life.

The artfulness of these images, according to Aristotle, is a combination of the subject drawn from reality, the artist’s stylistic rendering, and the materials or mediums used.

They’re otherwise known as the object, the manner and the means.

The 10 artists in this exhibit prove this most ancient approach to art-making is still charged with possibility. The show includes photography, painting, ceramics and collage by the following singular artists, living in, or with strong ties to the American West:

1.     Holly Andres – Photography

2.     Chris Bivins – 3D, Mixed media

3.     Victoria Brace – Oil painting

4.     Hannah Lee Cameron – Ceramic sculpture

5.     Myungjin Kim – Ceramic sculpture

6.     Linda Leslie – Oil painting

7.     Megan Moore – Oil painting

8.     Ben Pease – Acrylic painting and mixed media

9.     Chris Riccardo – Ceramic sculpture

10.  Shannon Troxler – Oil painting

Their artistic choices of objects, manners and means are beautiful and bold, daring and relevant, uncanny and convincing. It’s an exhibit not to be missed.

You can visit the Radius Gallery at 114 E. Main Street in downtown Missoula or call at 406-541-7070.