(CN) — President-elect Joe Biden unveiled an ambitious spending plan Thursday calling for $1.9 trillion in federal spending to assist struggling American families and workers while allocating significant dollars to the vaccination rollout and the reopening of shuttered schools.

The plan calls for $1,400 checks for all Americans, short of the $2,000 promoted by Democratic members of Congress and President Donald Trump but exceeding the $600 figure passed in the latest round of stimulus.

To quell the coronavirus pandemic, Biden calls for the establishment of community vaccination centers to help expedite a rollout that has so far been plagued by delays.

The president-elect, who is less than a week away from assuming office, also emphasized the need for a national contact tracing program to help open schools.

Shuttered schools have exacerbated education inequities for those without access to high-speed internet and burdened working parents used to relying on schools to care for children during working hours.

Biden’s plan also calls for financial support to small businesses harmed by shutdown policies and paid sick leave for workers so they are not choosing to work while sick.