(KPAX) Cambie Taphouse has officially taken over the location of the old Hoagieville drive-in on Higgins Street.

The original vision for the new Cambie Taphouse was to offer the surrounding neighborhood a place to meet and socialize close to where they live.

Owner Chris Goble said the support from the community has been amazing, and he can't thank them enough for their response to Cambie’s opening.

Featuring a full coffee bar, 42 taps - with seven wine taps for red and white wines - and a full menu, it's easy to see why the taphouse has seen early support. But there is still more to come, including multiple outdoor patio spaces, which will be opened up once the weather warms.

"Super excited to have that deck open soon. We ordered our outside patio furniture from Wagner's and that’s on its way," Goble said. "We think it should be arriving right as the snow is melting so it should be perfect timing."

Goble couldn’t stop thanking everyone for their support on the building, and said he is especially thankful for Logan Kato from Oz Architects input on the building and design process.

Goble says there is one very important community member who has been awesome about the new location.

"I just want to say thank you to the community and also this wouldn’t be possible without all the guys who put in the time and energy to get this building built," Goble told MTN News.

"Every one of my employees has been absolutely amazing. It's been a learning process for all of us for the last four days and they have been amazing," he added. "My staff are the people who built this building. Its an amazing building we are so proud of it and they put in so much time and effort."

Their neighbor Helen - who lives directly to the west of the building - has her own handicap space because her ability to get to her home is somewhat limited.