It used to be a place where you could buy fine jewelry, but now it's a facility that offers something more precious than gold.

Community Medical Center's new dialysis unit recently opened in the former Adair Jeweler's building on South Reserve Street in Missoula, offering care for kidneys. The facility features 10 different dialysis stations with heated seats and individual TVs as patients undergo their therapy.

Sovereign Valentine of Plains, who comes three times a week, says it’s the people and how he’s treated here that’s made a difference for him.

"The compassion and professionalism has changed my life, changed my entire experience and viewpoints of life and humanity," Valentine said. "The physical aspects of kidney failure for me have been nothing compared to the overwhelming kindness and love that I've gotten from the providers.

The center also has a large, brand new, state of the art water purification system -- totally pure water is crucial in this kind of care. The need for dialysis and chronic kidney disease support continues to expand in Montana. In 2016, 232 Montanans learned they had kidney failure -- a health issue that’s sure to grow.

"There's a large prevalence of obesity hence, diabetes and high blood pressure related to life style because of the prevalence of underlying problems increases. You have more patients who have chronic kidney disease," Medical Director Dr. Shahid Chaudhary explained. "Because of advancements in medical care, people are living longer and hence, have a higher chance of getting into trouble with kidney disease.

The center provides three different kinds of kidney dialysis treatment. Valentine is waiting for a transplant and in the meantime, he appreciates the care and concern he receives as he takes this journey.

This new facility is a joint venture between Community Medical Center and Dialysis Clinic, Incorporated-- the largest non-profit dialysis provider in the country.