John Engen is clearly the person who should lead our Missoula into a livable future. He is brave, honest, and visionary, as well as adept at engaging Missoulians. His opponent claims City government is not transparent. As an active citizen, I strongly disagree.

Here's just one major example: With lots to compare it to, I have never seen a public process as well done as the Our Missoula Growth Policy - our 2035 vision document guiding growth and covering environmental quality, housing, livability, and more.

Under Engen's leadership, the process began with the idea of "focusing inward," but from there the public engagement opportunities were extensive and deep. For instance, after listening sessions and asset mapping, some 85 citizens met and drafted the document in topical focus groups and a steering committee for seven months.

Anyone who wanted to could participate. Excellent planners at the city's Development Services office sought and listened to input. The Planning Board and City Council held hearings, reviewed and approved it.

Our Missoula is a fantastic statement of what we need to address and where we need to go. Let's implement it. Please join me in voting for John Engen for our Missoula.