LOLO (KPAX) - A couple dozen people learned the fundamentals of one of Montana’s favorite past times at Travelers Rest State Park on Friday.

The free workshop was held on Lolo Creek, in partnership with the Lolo Watershed Group and Trout Unlimited, allowing people like Gabe Wium to hone his fly-fishing skills.

“Learn new casting skills if I could and how to identify flies and stuff on there flying around in the air,” said Gabe Wium, fly fisher.

With four major rivers and 86 fishable tributaries in the area, teaching the kids about casting, bugs and conversation was a big part of the workshop.

“Teach them [participants] about fishing... teach them about how to be safe fishing," said Trout Unlimited West Slope chapter president Brandon Dwyer. "I teach them how the environment works within the streams and what it means for our bigger rivers."

Dwyer is a banker by trade but fisher by heart.

“What's great about teaching kids is that for the most part, it's the first time they've done it and they're very curious,” Dwyer said.

“It really is like an art - you pretty much have to put the fly like in the exact spot,” said Wium when asked why he enjoys fly fishing. “Because if you put it like inches to one side, they [fish] won't go for it.”