More than 2,000 local families now have the chance to celebrate the holidays with a traditional Thanksgiving meal, thanks to the Missoula Food Bank’s annual turkey distribution.

Vehicles lined the streets surrounding the Missoula Food Bank on Sunday as each family waited for the anticipated Turkey Drive.

In addition to turkey, each family also received all the Thanksgiving fixings. Everything from potatoes and green beans to pumpkin and pie crust.

With nearly 200 volunteers and 2,200 turkeys, the food bank is making a traditional holiday meal possible for thousands of Missoulians.

Kelli Hess, the Missoula Food Bank's community center director of operations, loves to give opportunities for community members to gather together with their families during the holiday season.

“The holidays are such a special time so giving that opportunity to anyone and everyone in our community is really the motivation,” said Hess.

“Making sure that any household or any family that wants to celebrate has an opportunity to do so, without putting them in a position to not be able to meet their basic needs, is just something a little extra and we’re really happy to do it.”