Lee Bridges is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. She is honest and straightforward. She tells it like it is, and most important, she listens to people. She appreciates the challenge of winning over a vote, she relishes talking to people and that twinkle in her blue eyes and her wide and eager smile and laugh, wins people over.
Lee IS HD92. Her work ethic and community involvement, living in East Missoula for over 35 years, proves she would be an outstanding representative.
Her opponent, on the other hand does not live in the district.  It's not a requirement to run for the seat, but it sure helps to know the people and share their values. Lee has served her community since 1994 as  the first woman member of the sheet metal workers union. Her opponent voted against union power plant workers in favor of for profit out of state utilities (SB 338  2017).  He also voted  to reduce wages for construction workers and reduce the likelihood that Montanan's are hired, (HB 329 2017)
Lee is  service driven  as well, I've knocked on  doors in the district with her and it's a wide and vast district and I know one thing I know for sure, Lee Bridges IS HD 92.

She is willing to listen to all sides and represent everyone, not special interests or a minority viewpoint. She has experience and knows how all levels of government works. She  understands the strength of public/private partnerships and working together to use the best of each to solve problems. Lee is  someone with a different perspective than what we’ve had for the past several years.She's  a hard working problem solver, someone who has actively served the community for many years. 

And she has owned and operated a small business and pays attention to details.

She builds Bridges to Common Ground.