If there ever was a time for Republicans to cross over and vote for Democrats it’s now. People say they don’t know Mike Cooney, well, you know what his opponent is about. I tell people while out canvassing that our Republican majority legislature needs a check on the bills they try to pass.

What could possibly happen with “open carry” on college campuses or everywhere? Bullock vetoed it and other bills and that’s what Mike Cooney will do. Mike is a quiet leader with a personality that matches, but he loves Montana and will be a great Governor .

The Secretary of State office is so important. The current SOS says that downsizing staff has been a good thing, but businesses that use the office daily do not agree. It shouldn’t take 4 hours to renew a Notary Public. Former SOS Linda McCulloch says it should take 3 minutes. Bryce Bennet is your guy if you want voter advocacy and a well run business services. It his dream job.
Melissa Romano is for Public schools, Her opponent just gave $180,000 that was supposed to go to public schools to private schools!
There are too many more well qualified democrats and too many extremist republicans running.
Please, if you want to keep the Montana we have, vote for Democrats.