The race for a seat on the Montana Supreme Court between Mike Black and Laurie McKinnon deserves your attention.

In the primary, McKinnon won Missoula county with 18,316 to Black's 10,885. I ran into a woman recently and we discussed the Supreme Court race and I told her I hoped she supported Mike Black and she told me she did.

She mentioned that often in Missoula, people vote for the woman because they don't know anything about the race, and think a woman would be better than a man. I'm here to tell you that a vote for Mike Black is a vote for preserving our constitutional right to privacy related issues of choice for woman's health and  preserving access to public lands.

Ms. McKinnon recently purchased a home in North Carolina, it's public record. So why if she is going to stay on the bench, would she buy a home in another state? The majority of funds she has raised come from outside sources. Mike Black is from Montana, and that's where his donations come from.

Please visit Mike's website and see for yourself. Vote Mike Black.

Susie Reber Orr, Missoula