It's been zero days since the Democrats have brought bills to deny people human rights, to deny women access to reproductive healthcare, to create economic disparity, to kill jobs, to repeal workers rights, to deny human rights, to sell off public lands, to destroy clean air, to deny voting rights, deny access to justice, to destroy local government to hurt vulnerable people, to destroy local government while rolling out a very large government agenda of expensive layers of bureaucracy that funnels power into the hands of the few while destroying local government at the same time.

The radical Republicans have been busy bringing forward legislation every day based on identity politics, misogyny, bigotry, culture wars and denying us our rights. This is not what Montana voted for.

The radical Republican agenda will cause existing problems to grow, become worse and even more expensive to fix later. The extreme Republican agenda will cost Montana taxpayers billions to defend in court for many years while destroying our public lands, clean air and water and ruining peoples' lives.

I'm still wondering where all those jobs bills they campaigned on are because this all just seems like a radical republican party waging extremist culture wars on the taxpayer dime.