(KPAX) The recently closed Maclay Bridge west of Missoula is more than just a route for daily commuters, it’s also a key piece in the route for the Missoula Marathon.

Race Director Trisha Drobeck said they are playing the situation by ear, since it's not yet clear if the county will repair the bridge or keep the span closed.

They are working on contingency plans, although they hope to find a solution that will keep the same route, as the path is iconic and a big reason so many people attend the marathon.

Currently, the marathon has about 8% more enrollment than this time last year, so Drobeck hopes to offer runners the same race.

Drobeck mentioned that two years ago — when the Beartracks Bridge closed prior to the marathon — they were able to adjust accordingly.

Missoula Marathon organizers will release a more concrete plan as additional information about Missoula County’s plans for the bridge take shape.