Hi, I’m Dakota Hileman, I am running to be your next House District 96 Representative. As your representative in Helena, I will work tirelessly to legalize recreational marijuana.

As many people rely on recreational marijuana as medicine for both physical and mental health, alike, I believe that it is important that our next Legislature begin focusing on this more and working to legalize it.

Moreover, our criminal justice system is profoundly overloaded, so if we pass legislation allowing for the decriminalization of this harmless substance, then we would also relieve much of the strain on this system.

Statistically, people of color tend to be the group hit hardest by not legalizing and decriminalizing recreational cannabis, as they tend to be arrested and convicted at higher and more severe rates than others. This is another reason that I will work to legalize and decriminalize when elected as your Representative.

If you feel strongly about this too, I would appreciate your vote in the Democratic primary election.