(KPAX) The recent Mumford and Sons show Missoula saw a huge turnout at Ogren Park in the Old Saw Mill District. Officials are now working to improve on what they see as a successful production to make upcoming shows even better.

Logjam Presents' first show at Ogren Park this month filled the venue. It was also a success for local businesses in the area, according to Missoula Mayor John Engen.

"The private sector clearly benefits - I think from hotel rooms to restaurants to bars to retailers,” Engen said. “I think the list goes on and folks see the benefit of having those crowds with money doing what there doing and spending money.”

While some might think a concert would be a headache for the city to handle, it was anything but a problem, Engen added.

"I will tell you in my office did not receive a single complaint about noise or traffic,” Engen said. “Feedback I got from the folks at Logjam was that they had done a lot of neighborhood outreach work with the neighborhood. I saw a letter from the developer of the Old Saw Mill District Ed Weatherbee who said it was a great show. So I've gotten nothing but positive response."

Logjam Presents is working to ensure the next event they hold at the ballpark run and operate as well as this one.

"I just got done with a meeting with the Old Saw Mill District and met with that community to understand what would they like to see us do differently," Logjam Presents owner Nic Checotta said. "I'm meeting with the city and parks and rec to kind of get their feed back."

The current contract that Log Jam Presents has with the city could provide up to eight shows at the ball park in the future.

"My whole staff has been instructed to each give us the top 10 things they would like to see us do differently so we take all that information and we will make our adjustments and continue to improve," Checotta added.