Missoula Current

Since 1996, John Brown’s Body has been at the forefront of the American reggae scene, blazing paths with its patented Future Roots sound.

This year, as the band gears up for a show at the Top Hat Lounge in February, it will also continue celebrating 20 years and the release of its 11th full-length album, Fireflies.

Since releasing Kings & Queens in 2013 and its follow up, Kings & Queens In Dub in 2015, JBB has crossed the nation debuting new material alongside classic hits in live settings, such as Red Rocks, Cali Roots Festival and the Summer Camp Festival.

The current group continues to push boundaries in the studio, this time with longtime JBB collaborator, Craig “Dubfader” Welsch of Rear Window Studio in Boston, MA.

Welsch’s approach brings out classic elements of the JBB sound, including otherworldly harmonies and a “super tight” horn section. The rhythm section has moved into a “super deep,” tight phase that echoes the Roots Radics in their prime.

The group is gearing up for shows in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, before hitting up Salt Lake City and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From there, JBB will head to Missoula for a show at the Top Hat Lounge before skirting off to Seattle and Portland.