Ashley Nerbovig

HELENA (KPAX) - The Montana Commissioners of Political Practices announced Tuesday he would not depart his post early.

Jeff Mangan, who became Commissioner of Political Practices in 2017 and was elected to a six-year term, reversed course less than a month after he announced he planned to step down early from his position.

The commissioner's office enforces campaign, ethics and lobbying laws.

On social media, Mangan said he'd stay in his position until Dec. 30 after many people requested he stay on through the end of the year.

Mangan's term was set to expire in January 2023. He announced at the start of October he planned to leave his position on Nov. 7.

Mangan’s replacement will be appointed by Governor Greg Gianforte.

A list of candidates will be put forth by a four-member nomination committee composed of the speaker of the house, the president of the senate, and the minority leaders of both houses of the legislature.

The candidate list will consist of two to five candidates.

If the nomination committee fails to submit names agreed to by the majority of the nomination committee members, the governor may appoint anyone who meets the qualifications.