Colter Anstaett

LEWISTOWN (KPAX) - Fergus High School student Julia Kunau is preparing to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA.

She said, as she was getting ready to hit the national stage, she was nervous but felt she was well-prepared.

"I think that must be the mindset going into the competition, that I'm ready,” Kunau said.

Kunau has been working long and hard to get ready for her big moment in the national spotlight in Reno, Nevada on Oct. 1.

"We have a team of coaches that help me prepare for interviews as well as walking. Then, on my own time, I've actually been preparing (for) my interview through experience through those events that I've been doing this past year to really improve my public speaking skills as well as my confidence and poise,” Kunau explained.

Regardless of the outcome, she'll come away with something that could prove to be more valuable than the win.

"Even if you don't win the title, you'll always gain another experience or gain another life skill. I know that I've gained so many life skills throughout this entire process and it's been really beneficial to not only who I am as a person but I know who I am going forward throughout career paths and just into my future as well,” said Kunau.

When the time finally comes to walk out on stage, she'll be supported by family members in person and friends back home.

"My friends have decided to have a watch party here (in town),” Kunau said. "It feels really nice to have so much support."

Information about how to watch the competition will be posted soon on the pageant website.