(KPAX) In a Facebook post, the Poverello Center said that starting Saturday afternoon, the National Guard will assist with staffing the Poverello Center for the next two weeks.

The assistance allows the staff to continue to provide services to the most vulnerable in Missoula.

The assistance also will allow the Poverello to remain open while several staff members who were identified as close contacts to those who tested positive for COVID-19, continue to quarantine.

“You know, we have several staff members that are in quarantine which means it’s stretching the staff that is available pretty thin," said Director of Development and Advocacy Jesse Jaeger. "Having them there in kind of an existing role provides us an extra couple of people in the building to help get the work done and help focus sheltering people is critical at this time.”

National Guard members will be working alongside the Poverello staff in assisting with COVID-19 symptom screening, handing out sack lunches, assisting with check-in procedures, and supporting cleaning activities in the building.