When my ballot for Missoula City Council Ward 6 came in the mail, I was happy to put the X next to Nick Shontz.

I started out this council election cycle being very skeptical. I attended both candidate forums and through listening to their answers to questions, talking to them personally and tuning into a local radio show to hear their answers to listener questions, I thoughtfully decided who I'm voting for.

What I came away with was learning that Nick had attended the citizen academy and learned how city government works. He met heads of departments and other folks who do the hard work at the city.

Nick also found a solution to a problem. Being an IT guy, he thought the website for the Missoula Redevelopment agency should be easier to navigate, so folks could see where Tax Increment Financing projects actually are. So he created a site http://tif-missoula.com/projects where folks can easily navigate around and see the projects that make Missoula a better city.

Let’s keep Missoula the vibrant growing place people want to live and raise their families, especially in Ward 6. He's also on the neighborhood council. Vote Nick Shontz, experience matters.

Sue Orr