What the Fork: Kayle earns five forks from two local foodies

By Janna Geier and Amber Shaffer

This week’s review: Kayle

From Kayle’s website: “As Missoula natives, (one who lived in New York and San Francisco) we noticed that the big cities are way ahead of us when it comes to fast, affordable, fresh and healthy meal options. There are fast options, affordable options and healthy options, but none that wrap them all up together and deliver them to your doorstep. We are bringing this big city concept to life in Missoula so we can enjoy the same fast, affordable and healthy meal options as other cities around the nation!”kayle4

How it works: Each weekday Kayle offers a couple breakfast options and around four different options for lunch. Breakfast offerings include granola bowls and smoothies. Lunch varies from sandwiches, wraps to burrito bowls. As you’re perusing their menu you can see how many of each item are left. The delivery drivers do not accept tips; tips are built into the delivery fee. For the first meal the delivery fee is $2, and then $1 for each additional item added to the order. They also offer group caterings for private events and businesses.

What Amber and Janna love about Kayle

Amber: I have yet to order anything that I didn’t love. The meals are always flavorful and filling. I think it’s cool that I get a text notification when my food is on the way and even who my driver is. I like the option of pre-ordering. They offer $1 off your meal when you pre-order, which is a great way to ensure you’re having a healthy breakfast over office doughnuts, saving money at the same time.

I also tried ordering once and kept getting an error message and couldn’t complete the order. Their staff was quick to figure out the problem. Turns out I was using an address from Massachusetts – oops! They were super nice and didn’t make me feel like a total idiot. Not to mention Jimmy John’s has nothing on these guys! I’m always surprised at how quickly our lunches arrive.

Janna: Simplicity. Coming from a girl who can spend forever perusing a menu trying to make a decision… Kayle makes it an easy decision for me. Limiting me to only a few choices makes ordering far less time consuming. With that said, it also pushes me to try something new as their menu items are a surprise each day!

Amber and Janna give Kayle 5 forks

Favorite meal

Amber: Fiery Bird Sandwich! I love when a spicy sandwich is ACTUALLY spicy.

Janna: Shrimp Spring Rolls. Light, filling and a generous portion. Leaves you feeling full but not longing for a nap.

Follow Kayle on Facebook to see what they have coming up on their menu. Facebook disclaimer: Their photos are on point! It will be hard to resist once you have them popping up on your timeline each day.

Amber and Janna are two Missoula girls who love exploring the food scene in the Missoula area.

Amber: Having grown up in Missoula, it has been fun to see new restaurants opening up around town. It’s a tough market – even some of my favorite places haven’t made it (Missoula Salad Company – I still miss you!) I love going on adventures both close to home and abroad. I have enjoyed trips to England, France, Switzerland and Mexico.

When traveling, I try to keep an open mind and will try anything the locals think I should try. I’ve been most pleasantly surprised (Foie gras in Paris? Delicious! Who knew?) I come from a large family who places a lot of importance in sharing meals together, and that has spread to my relationships with friends as well. I’m excited to share our experiences at both old favorites and new restaurants in the Missoula area.

Janna: Growing up in a small town like Helena, options for “great food” were limited. Don’t get me wrong, Helena has some great restaurants, but they are somewhat limited in variety. After graduating high school, I traveled around, living in different places including California, Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, and North Dakota.

My travels allowed me to become a bit of a “foodie.” I’ve found everything from the best hot wings and rattlesnake (yes, I said rattlesnake) in Phoenix to the freshest and best tasting seafood at Humpy’s in Anchorage, Alaska. Trying new food and new places has become one of my favorite pastimes and I enjoy sharing the experiences with family and friends. I am anxious to continue this tradition here in Missoula. I want to hear from my fellow foodies about your favorite places for me to review!

See more photos from Amber and Janna’s adventures on Instagram @406forks. Want us to come try out your restaurant? Contact us at 406forks@gmail.com. Thanks for joining us on our foodie travels around Missoula!