Hileman stands with Planned Parenthood

Dakota Hielman

Hi there, I am Dakota Hileman, a Democratic Candidate for House District 96! I’m reaching out to you today to briefly speak about women’s reproductive rights and how I will fight to protect them, if elected.

The past few legislative sessions, there have been various attempts to repeal a woman’s reproductive right to choose, as you most likely know. I believe that this is absolutely despicable, and as your Representative – I will fight to protect these constitutional rights.

Furthermore, I believe that it is paramount that we increase funding for Planned Parenthood of Montana. That’s why, as your legislator, I will also advocate for the increase in funding towards this organization. I will also make sure that transgender individuals and people all across the gender-spectrum receive the care that they need, too, as they are also oftentimes in need of care.

Planned Parenthood at-large, provides care for approximately 2.4 million people a year, a good portion of those being in Montana. Therefore, I see the value that this organization brings to the health and safety of our communities.

Under my watch–you bet I will fight to make sure that they continue to get the resources they need to continue serving Montanans. I hope to receive your vote in the June 2nd Democratic Primary election.