DAYTON - Off US Highway 93 near Dayton on Flathead Lake sits Cromwell Island.

On 350 acres and with nearly three miles of shoreline, Cromwell Island offers all-encompassing views of Wild Horse Island and the Mission Mountains. The entire island is currently on the market for $72 million.

“This is definitely the largest island west of the Mississippi River on fresh water, owned by a single party,” said Hall and Hall director and real estate partner Bill McDavid.

A quick boat ride from the shore of Flathead Lake near Dayton takes you to Cromwell Island.

“There’s plenty of places to land in a helicopter, you can land in a seaplane, boat works just fine,” said McDavid.

Once on the island, a 45,000-square-foot villa greets you with majestic views overlooking Flathead Lake.

“You can’t be on Flathead Lake and not see this structure, it’s got such magnitude," added McDavid.

McDavid said current owners of the island started building the main villa back in the 1990’s, influenced by 16th century French Architecture.

“The magnitude of the structure is reminiscent of Versailles,” added McDavid.

Beautiful on the outside, the villa remains unfinished on the inside, as the current owners re-purposed their focus on other projects across the country.

“It’s not built out right now, so a new owner could really create whatever floor plan they want with certain limitations, but it’s an open canvass in that respect,” said McDavid.

McDavid envisions the property remaining as a private residence or being re-purposed into a luxury development. A finished guest villa a short distance away from the main villa can be used full time while construction is underway.

“Whatever somebody intends to do with this structure or build elsewhere on the island, they could live there, have a place to sleep that’s comfortable while they do that,” said McDavid.

Listed at $72 million, McDavid said it’s hard to put a price on Cromwell Island.

“How do you price something like that, how do you price something like this? You can’t go compare apples to apples with these things, the market is what the market is,” said McDavid.

Additional information on the listing can be found online.