On the West End of London in 1973, Richard O'Brien's musical, The Rocky Horror Show, made its theatrical debut.

And so began the journey of Brad and Janet, two young and recently engaged kids from Denton High, who's luck runs out on a dark and stormy night.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show followed two years later and was produced by Lou Adler and Michael White. O'Brien was a cast member along with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick.

The story features Frank N Furter, an alien transvestite bisexual who creates Rocky – a physically perfect muscled man for his pleasure. The movie became a midnight cult classic with audience members talking back to the action on the screen. The live stage performances continued.

Ultimately, Missoula has hosted a live stage performance of the Rocky Horror Show produced by the Montana Actors' Theatre for years now. Only 5 weeks elapse from auditions to performance. The set is built in Havre on the campus of Northern Montana University and transported to the Wilma Theatre.

This past weekend, four sold-out performances were staged to clearly adorning Missoula audiences. Follow this link to the Missoula Current's media library for more photos of the performance.