(Daily Montanan) The Montana State Library Commission agreed on Wednesday to reconsider the color scheme of its new logo after the initially proposed design drew backlash from some members last month for too closely resembling the colors of the gay pride flag.

A subcommittee assembled to come up with alternatives to the original logo proposed on Wednesday that it will come up with two additional color schemes for the original logo with colors found in nature around Montana. The commission approved the proposal and intends to consider the new logos either at the October commission meeting or at the latest for the December commission meeting.

If necessary, the subcommittee also proposed coming up with alternative logos for the commission to consider.  In total, three separate color arrays palettes will be available if the alternative logos are completed.

The logo was designed by Milwaukee-based company Hoffman York, which has offices in Helena and works with the Montana Department of Tourism and Visit Montana. The process of redesigning the logo has been in the works for about a year and carries a $300,000 price tag of all private money from the Montana State Library Trust.

Pam Henley, a consulting librarian for the state library spoke in favor of the original logo during public comment.

“You can accept this image and be the commission that is brave and courageous and ready to move forward and take the State Library in a new direction,” she said.

Angela Archuleta, a librarian living in Lame Deer, also supported the original logo through written submitted public comment. Archuleta was one of about 10 people who wrote in support of the logo, and no public comment was submitted in opposition.

“I understand that some people raised objections because the rainbow is symbol of the PRIDE movement. Yes, that is true, but so what? No one organization has the market on what a rainbow means or represents. As a proud combat veteran, I served under the 42nd Infantry Division. Our patch is a rainbow. This unit can trace its origins to the Civil War. General Douglas MacArthur wrote: The 42nd Division stretches like a Rainbow from one end of America to the other,” Archuleta wrote.