Carter Culver/KPAX

WHITEFISH - When most people hear about Whitefish Mountain Resort, they jump toward ski season.

But the resort is also open throughout the whole summer and offers a variety of fun summer activities for everyone to enjoy.

Whitefish Mountain Resort has anything and everything you’d want for a summer adventure — ranging from the aerial adventure park to the zip line tour.

It is a course that roughly 100 people make their way through every summer day and provides what Sandreuter thinks is the best part of the activities at the resort.

“The smiles on their face when they realize that they can power through and get through something that seemed real hard an hour ago.”

While the ropes course brings in more people each day, the zipline tours run all day as well and provide amazing views of the mountain.

“Definitely more of a guided experience, sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Little bit of hiking in-between, but it’s an overall less physical exertion and more take in the scenery and experience on the mountain,” Sandreuter noted.

Orange County, California, resident Chad Hill and his family had nothing but praise for all the activities they checked out during their time at the resort.

"Came out here and was like this is amazing, whole different deal you know," Hill said.

While they enjoyed everything on the mountain, so far the ariel adventure park took the cake for the Hill family.

“I think the kids and myself and family enjoyed the course here, cause it’s way more challenging, you know you really gotta use your head and think about it," Hill said.

With all the fun the resort has to offer Hill said he couldn’t have asked for a much better place to spend time with his family.

“It’s so beautiful out here. It’s just, compared to Southern California, cars and interchanges, and out here it’s and you know, wildlife.”

Although known for phenomenal skiing, the resort offers more than enough to do all summer as well.

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