(Courthouse News) Democrats on Tuesday night captured the House majority in a rebuke of President Donald Trump, ending eight years of Republican control of the chamber.

The Republicans, meanwhile, have retained control of the Senate and are likely to gain seats.

Fox News was the first network to call the House for the Democrats, and NBC soon followed. At the time, the Democrats had already flipped 17 seats in races across the country and polls in California had just closed.

But California was seen as a possible juggernaut for the party, holding the potential to more than double the party’s seat gain.

Democrats had hoped to gain 23 seats. By the time the dust settles, they may gain more than 40.

Initial analysis suggests the party’s candidates did particularly well in the suburbs in eastern states and especially well with college-educated women.

The sweeping Democratic victory completely changes the balance of power in Washington, and sets the stage for extended House investigations into the Trump administration.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., slated to become chairman of the Intelligence Committee, has already said he plans to renew scrutiny of Trump’s financial ties with Russia.

The House Judiciary and Oversight committees are also expected to promptly reissue dozens of subpoenas to Trump officials who  previously chose to ignore them.

The Democratic victory also means the potential return of California Democrat Nancy Pelosi to the House speakership, a post she held until the party lost its majority in 2010.