Dani Hallows

(KPAX) The next winter weather system on its way will basically roll through the entire state of Montana today — bringing snow, more cold temperatures, and some gusty winds.

Forecasts show the snow first hitting Northwest Montana around the noon hour, with the storm moving south and east throughout the day.

Although Northwest Montana gets the first taste of this system, it looks like the Bitterroot will get the most snow in terms of accumulation and longevity.

Most areas will see anywhere from a trace to a maximum of 3" of snow.

Once the snow does move in, more wintery conditions will follow.

This system is bringing a cold front along that will keep temperatures below normal and some even below 0º.

Overnight lows look the most affected.

After the snow and the cold front, gusty winds will pick up.

The gusts will make wind chill temperatures extremely cold for some locations, but they won't last long.

By Thursday evening, most of the winter conditions will die down, making the weekend relatively clear.

However, the cold temperatures will remain until next week.