Beth Jaffe

The primary role for Missoula’s mayor is to manage our collective best interest by setting the agenda and tone for how we define and express this abstract concept in very real terms.

For example, how do we allocate resources in order to deal with the complex series of problems connected to homelessness? Indeed, if it were a simple matter, it would have been solved long ago. To address something so challenging our mayor must proceed with collaboration as a top skill.

I’m writing in support of Andrea Davis because she has been working on local and national policy committees building consensus with her ability to listen well, her communication savvy, her open-mindedness, and her conflict resolution skills. She knows how to get to the center of ethics issues and take the high road with people following her.

Mostly I want her as my leader because she has that amazing combination of a kind heart mixed with the deep strength to stand for truth in a way that gets the job done when others are simply talking, complaining, or scratching their heads wondering how to move forward.

We need a strong and honest collaboration builder as our city's top elected official.