Another round of anti-Semitic fliers appeared around Missoula doorsteps on Tuesday morning, as well as on cars at the University of Montana last week.

“I found one next to my door in the snow this morning,” said one Burlington Avenue resident. “I called the police and they said they weren't treating it as a criminal case. That just means they're not doing anything.”

The Missoula Police Department couldn't be immediately reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

It's not the first flier that has raised concerns this year. The department received calls last month from residents who had received a flier left on their doorstep depicting the mugshots of three minority men pictured under an Israeli prison wall.

The latest flier depicts a white man on a cross under the words “Circumcision is how Jews mark their slave population. Are you circumcised?”

“These people are idiots, first of all,” said one resident who received the flier. “It doesn't even have a good argument. I think it's really scary and horrible. I remember the one who happened two years ago with a big meeting at the synagogue. I went to that meeting. It turned out to be an old, retired anti-Semite who was distributing them.”

Anti-Semitic fliers were also found on the University of Montana campus last week. That batch read “Jews attack 1st Amendment” and appeared to be written by someone ill-equipped with the English language.

“This is melding the U.S. State Dept. with anti-thoughtcrime orgs,” it read. “Utilizing the massive communication spying capabilities of the U.S. Government and asking it to snitch to European governments (who sadly imprison people for speech.”

No suspect has been identified, the university said.