(Missoula Current) In a social media post, the Catalyst Cafe in downtown Missoula said it will be closing in November, marking another popular eatery to shut its doors.

Denis Keast and Jim O'Bryne confirmed the news late Sunday night.

“We can finally confirm the rumors,” they said. “Our lease is up and it's time for a new chapter.”

The cafe has operated at the Florence on Higgins Avenue for more than three decades. Keast and O'Bryne have owned the business for the past 13 years.

They placed their final day around Nov. 22.

“It's been a wonderful ride,” they said. “We are eternally grateful for the loyal, loving support we have received during our run.”

The loss of the Catalyst adds one more storied name to the list of Missoula eateries that have closed in recent years, including the Staggering Ox, Zimorino's, Tower Pizza, the Red Bird, Perkins, and Denny's.

Other names include Johnny Carino's, the Uptown Diner and the Hob Nob.

Keast and O'Bryne received praise for their years of service.

“You have been a wonderful place to visit in downtown and to eat at in our beautiful city,” said Mike Ruybalid. “My wife and I were just there on Friday. She and I will need to visit you again prior to the November closing.”

Others expressed sadness.

“Oh this makes my heart sad, sad, sad,” said Kristine Paulsen. “The Catalyst is one of my absolute favorite Missoula establishments and dang, I will the miss the vibe, the food, and how thoughtfully you've run your business.”