Election Day. Election Day. As I woke this morning, I ruminated on the last 10 months and my campaign.

Chris Badgley
Chris Badgley

I’ve faced many challenges in my life: some by choice, some not. The decision to run for Missoula City Council was easy for me.

The actual process was not as easy. It has been a steep learning curve not unlike pursuing a degree, being self-employed, or raising a child on my own. But as I have learned over the years, most things that are worthwhile are not easy.

Although I did not receive the most votes, I value every one of the 1,129 votes I did receive. Nonetheless, I have won.

One of my main motivations for this Herculean effort was to demonstrate to my 9-year-old daughter how we as individuals can make a positive impact in our world. Three weeks ago out of the blue, she looked up at me and said that she was proud of me for running for Council. It was that moment that I realized that I had achieved my main goal. I had won.

One of the many daunting challenges was getting out and knocking on my neighbors’ doors. I met many, many lovely people. People with diverse points of view who shared them with me. Smart people with good ideas on how we can improve our neighborhood, our city, our world. People who are already doing the good work that makes Missoula unique. The result of doing this has helped me increase my sense of community. I feel stronger and less isolated. I have won.

By exposing myself and my life to public scrutiny I have been able to shed many fears and apprehensions. I have grown as a person. I have been able to examine myself and my relationships not only with people but with the world around me. I have won.

I have discovered new friends, rediscovered old friends, and developed new relationships beyond partisan boundaries. My campaign could not have come this far without the guidance, support, and wisdom of many folks. I am humbled and truly grateful for those who believe in me. When we work together amazing things can be realized. I have won.

Chris Badgley
Candidate Ward 4, Missoula City Council