The Missoula Current sent a candidate questionnaire to all City Council candidates ahead of the General Election in November. Below is the response from Ward 4 council candidate Alan Ault.

1. While this is a non-partisan race, how do you align politically? 

I filed as an independent with COPP (Commissioner of Political Practice)

2. What do you see as the top issues facing the city at this point in time?

Taxes, homeless, crime, traffic

3. What would you bring to the table to resolve your top issue?

Revise how we utilize Tax Increment Financing and cutting projects that can be put off to the future.

4. Do you support funding police and fire, and how would you help them gain the resources they need to do their job?

Absolutely! TIF takes money that was earmarked for the Police, Fire and Schools.  Need I say more?

5. In what way do you support local businesses, both big and small?

We have a small business.  I was the force behind Montana Auto Tech which trained high school students and many of the large businesses employed our students in their repair shops.

6. The city is facing a budget crisis. How would you address it?

Stop frivolous spending, use the university instead of hiring high paid out of state consultants that's two ways.

7. What areas would you cut to help the city balance it's budget next fiscal year?

Cut consultants, cut staff (unfortunately).  We need to run leaner.

8. How would you help address homelessness, and how does personal accountability come into play?

If elected, I will try to educate the other councilors with the success of Bergan County NJ and Rockford County IL. as to how they were successful in defeating the homeless problem. Then see what would work in Missoula. Personal accountability is a direct result of pride and dignity that is a big part of the model.

9. How can the City of Missoula play a stronger role in supporting businesses and growing jobs?

Get out of the way!!

10. How would you support housing development in Missoula without turning to subsidies like the Affordable Housing Trust Fund?

Get out of the way of developers. Our permitting, reviews etc. take too long and are very untimely, and time is money.