I write to ask for your support of a highly competent, qualified, committed and experienced public servant, Commissioner Jean Curtiss. As a friend and co-worker for many years, I know Jean’s competencies. But mostly, I know her heart. She is deeply passionate about Missoula County and her citizens, especially families with children that need a supportive, healthy community to survive and prosper.

The work of a County commissioner is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough job, with difficult decisions made every day. Jean and I both know that when you do the job well, it’s impossible to make everyone happy all of the time. But, you can, through hard work and working together make a huge difference in solving difficult issues.

And Jean is a leader among leaders in making progress on challenging and controversial issues: quality economic development; stewardship and conservation of our resources; rural advocacy; public health and human services. Her record is clear: attracting sustainable businesses that provide family wage jobs; protecting working family farms, ranches and timberlands, safeguarding our outdoor heritage; ensuring public access to public lands; fighting for the County’s most vulnerable citizens.

Please join me in keeping Jean on the job, working for all of us. Jean has the knowledge and experience to provide the best path forward as Missoula County continues to grow.