(Missoula Current) Following a snow-squall alert sent out over the emergency broadcast system in Missoula on Monday, the police department followed by issueing a notice of emergency travel only.

The level of snow on the ground in Missoula remains minimal, though a flash freeze and expected winds have caused hazardous driving conditions.

The road conditions have kept emergency officials busy throughout the day.

“Missoula Police Department is working closely with city streets to get intersections sanded,” the department said in a notification. “We currently have several roads closed within the city due to crashes and extremely icy conditions.”

The National Weather Service in Missoula placed much of western Montana under a winter weather advisory on Monday. Snow and gusty winds are expected to linger through Tuesday morning, causing treacherous road conditions and difficult mountain-pass travel.

Winds are expected to gust up to 25 mile per hour this evening and with new snow on the ground, visibility will become difficult. Temperatures are expected to dip into the single digits on Tuesday night.

Icy roads already are making travel difficult in Missoula.