(Missoula Current) The Missoula Fire Department responded twice this week to calls of an individual camping on an island in the Clark Fork River as the waters began to rise.

The department first received a call on Wednesday evening to calls from an individual who was concerned about “being swept away” by the rising water levels.

The fire department mobilized several crews, water equipment and rescue swimmers but, when they arrived, “the individual indicated they did not want to be rescued.” As a result, rescuers didn't render any service.

The city's Mobile Support Term also responded to offer hotel lodging, an opportunity to relocate, a life vest and mental health services. All services were refused by the individual, officials said.

But the next morning the fire department received another dispatch to the same location and individual, who said his camp had flooded.

“MFD personnel mobilized several crews, rescue swimmers, and water rescue apparatus,” the department said in a Friday statement. “The individual was rescued safely and brought to shore where they were assessed, found to be in stable condition, and released with no further assistance needed.”

The cost of the multiple responses to the same stranded camper weren't identified. Fire officials cautioned the public that rising water levels and frigid runoff can be dangerous in the spring.

(MFD photo)
(MFD photo)