Tester injured in farm accident, needs 16 stitches

Sen. Jon Tester missed Monday night’s screening of “Dark Money” because of an accident on his Big Sandy farm a day earlier, where he slipped and fell.

The mishap landed Tester in the emergency room with 16 stitches, the University Center Theater audience was told. He’s doing well, came the message, but the doctor wanted him to stay at home for a day and recuperate.

Early on, the film includes a scene where Tester is working on his farm with his wife, talking about the importance of “citizen legislators” who still work for a living outside of their legislating.

In a statement read to the packed-house audience, Tester said Montanans have seen the “despicable influence” of dark money on elections – from the influence of the early day Copper Kings to the modern-day Koch brothers.

“We need to stop the flow of dark money into our elections,” the senator said.

Tester is expected to resume his regular schedule at events in Helena on Tuesday.