Mary Rutheford

As November ushers us toward the culmination of the year, its significance in the realm of charitable giving is profound. This month is a time for gratitude, reflection on the importance of giving, and preparing to make a lasting impact on our communities. As the CEO of the Montana Community Foundation (MCF), I am deeply appreciative of the unwavering support our donors have provided, playing a pivotal role in our organization's achievements spanning 35 years.

Your generosity has empowered MCF to focus on creating enduring philanthropy, fostering resilient communities, and reinvesting over $100 million in Montana through essential programs, grants, and scholarships. Your commitment is the cornerstone of our accomplishments.

Approaching November 28, 2023, and the global celebration of GivingTuesday, I extend a heartfelt invitation for your continued involvement. More than a fleeting moment, this day marks the beginning of a year-round season of generosity, inspiring acts of kindness that reverberate throughout our communities.

Your steadfast support has actualized grants, scholarships, and diverse giving initiatives, positively impacting countless lives across Montana. I encourage you to explore causes aligned with your values on our website,, contemplating the profound difference we can collectively make.

Expressing sincere gratitude for being an integral part of our journey, your dedication to MCF's mission not only transforms our organization but also weaves a stronger fabric for communities throughout Montana. Thank you for your enduring support.