Thanks for your report on this very important topic. It is encouraging to see that the survey indicates there is some progress in understanding the increasing impacts that we are all going to be suffering.

There is still work to be done sharing information and urging action by the legislature. Fortunately, there is already a bill in Congress called HR763 that is bipartisan and gaining support by the month.
It will put a price on pollution and return the proceeds to the citizens in a monthly dividend. It will benefit the economy and create jobs. In addition, it will reduce the devastating health effects of air pollution and the even more devastating effects that will happen from global warming if we don't do anything.
You can do a lot to help. You can write your representatives and request that they support this bill and you can also get involved with Citizens Climate Lobby, which is doing a lot of good work to  educate the public and advance this legislation.
And, of course, you can also vote for candidates who support action on climate change.
Joyce Waterhouse, Pasedena, California