As a Vietnam Combat Veteran, I understand that the majority of our population living today may not know a person who has served in the military or is currently serving in the military. Yet Montana has one of the largest military populations, per capita of any State in the United States.

This is why, as veterans, it is important for us in the upcoming election to support someone who will stand up for veterans and work for veterans and their families to get the benefits and support they were promised by our federal government.

Senator Daines has worked hard to support veterans and their families. He supported legislation and funding for more local Veterans Administration medical facilities around the state so that veterans can receive the medical treatment they need closer to home. He has also supported legislation to finally get benefits for Navy veterans, who were exposed to cancer causing agents while serving in Vietnam.

Today it is even more important to help our returning service men and women and help them with their service related injuries and related substance abuse problems so they can adjust back to civilian life. That is why I have served as a mentor in the Missoula Veterans Treatment Court for eight years. Senator Daines has supported these treatment courts and provides a letter to each graduate of the court congratulating them on their achievement and thanking them for their service.

To date I have not seen a single reference to veterans by Senator Daines’ opponent. This is why we need to reelect Senator Daines so he can continue to fight for veterans and get them and their families the benefits and services they were promised by our government. Join me in supporting Senator Daines on November 3.

Larry Anderson, Missoula