Working closely with Dori Gilels over the past decade, I have seen her fearlessly tackle a host of highly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous problems and projects as a successful manager of both for-profit and nonprofit businesses in Missoula.

Time after time, Dori fearlessly dives in to solve problems or take on projects with her unique mix of compassion and empathy, practical yet creative thoughtfulness, stamina, and positivity.  At a time when people often seem unable to empathize with (or even listen to) those with differing opinions, Dori is a rare leader who examines issues through the lens of each stakeholder, trying to find win-win solutions.

As an active member of the Missoula community, you often see Dori riding her bike, floating local rivers, and playing hockey, or you can see her listening intently to local business presentations or speaking at an entrepreneurship conference.

Dori engages with an incredibly wide range of people and organizations in our community, and she cares passionately for the future and wellbeing of Missoula and the people who live here. With that passion and Dori’s demonstrated willingness and ability to effect positive results, Missoula will truly benefit with Dori Gilels on the City Council.