The outcome of every electoral race this November will affect Montana’s air, water, climate and economic opportunities.

Montana Conservation Voters, a statewide non-partisan organization, believes we all can help protect our public lands, our environment and our climate by electing conservation champions at all levels of government.

To that end, Montana Conservation Voters strongly endorses Monica Tranel for Public Service Commissioner in District 4. Our Public Service Commission is a very small state agency, but it has a very big say in determining the size of our electric bills as well as the health of our economy, clean energy future, and our environment.

Monica Tranel will work hard to keep our electric bills affordable—instead of allowing them to increase by 20% in the past 10 years, as the existing PSC has inexcusably allowed.

Our commissioners have a solemn responsibility to steer the state’s ship of energy development and clean energy mandates. Currently, our five commissioners are unable to navigate the choppy waters of monopoly-utility regulation—complexities of finance, technology, oversight and consumer protection. And we’re all paying the price.

Monica Tranel will bring to the PSC more than 20 years of relevant experience, having served as staff attorney for the Montana Consumer Counsel and for the PSC itself, and while later representing renewable-energy developers as a private-practice attorney. Her legal background will ensure the PSC has a fighting chance in the MT Supreme Court as they navigate upcoming solar energy battles.

Monica can help steer this ship to smoother waters. Her leadership will provide a much-needed rudder. She will offer all of us stability, fair prices and the knowledge that we’re not getting gouged by a monopoly corporation. She can galvanize the Commission to follow both the law and the desires of Montanans - more clean energy and consumer protections.

In contrast, her opponent, Jennifer Fielder, publicly denies that human activity causes climate change. Fielder is known mostly for her zeal to sell off Montana’s public lands. Fielder has no relevant experience or knowledge for this job.

We urge you to vote for Monica Tranel and for all other candidates we’re endorsing, listed on our website:

Montana Conservation Voters Missoula Chapter: Dave Dittloff, Amy Cilimburg, Bert Lindler, Peter Nielsen, Amy Katz, Jacob Foster, and Sue Furey