I write to encourage you to vote for John Engen for Mayor on the 2021 ballot.

For those who dont know me Im Amber Sherrill, I am a long-time community volunteer, a mom, a conservation leader and a Missoula City Council member. And I am proud to also now serve as the treasurer of John’s 2021 re-election campaign.

While I have worked with Mayor Engen over the years on conservation projects I really began to understand the significance of his leadership and his accomplishments as our Mayor once I began serving on city council two years ago. I became Johns treasurer because he has the experience and leadership skills we all can trust, and that we need going into the next four years.

When I think about the impact of Johns leadership of Missoula I think about the boldness and vision of purchasing our water company and how great that has been for our community. I think about all the conservation projects he has supported over the years, how he is always balancing our economy and the housing market without ever taking his eye off of what is equitable, and how incredibly thankful I have been to have his experience at the helm during the COVID pandemic, one of the most difficult years in any of our lifetimes.

But when I reflect on why I continue to support him to lead our city, the real reason for my support is the faith and trust I have in him as a person.

Yes, he is smart and understands the importance of compromise and coalition building, but I am supporting him because I believe he genuinely cares about every single person in Missoula. Whether I am meeting with him about equitable and efficient vaccine distribution, sidewalks in neighborhoods that are underserved, businesses struggling during COVID, economic development and bringing in higher paying jobs, he is always, and I mean always, considering who it will affect and if it will help Missoulians.

He values people and he knows that every person has value.

I remember meeting with John when I was considering running for city council. Like an excited little kid, he pulled up his big map of Missoula. He starting pointing out all the projects we were doing around the city and telling me why they are important and who they will help. He pulled up our housing plan, our climate goals, our transportation, and infrastructure plan. I remember being struck by not only his understanding of their complexities but his enthusiasm and passion for getting them done.

This has been a tough yearmany people are struggling with losses and many people are struggling economically.

I believe it is an absolutely critical time in our history that we have a proven, reliable and forward-thinking person that cares about us to lead our city forward. I believe that person is our Mayor and my friend, John Engen.

For more information on our campaign go to: https://engenformissoula.com/. Keep in touch and help us continue to make Missoula a great place to live, work and play for decades to come.